When you need a specialized approach for your funding that you can’t do through traditional avenues, Colvin Financial is the direct lending partner you can trust.

Private Lending

Crypto Mining Funding

We also fund projects relating to crypto mining.

We Specialize in Hard Money

Are bank lending parameters too tight for your scenarios? Colvin Financial  finances scenarios that banks don’t touch, from special purpose commercial properties to residential cash out refinances. We do it all and then some!  

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Unsecured Loans

We know what they say – save, have that emergency savings fund tucked away in case of a rainy day. We all try to do just that, doing the best we can. But sometimes we have no choice but to borrow, be it an unexpected bill, expense or perhaps an indulgence such as vacation – provided you can afford monthly payments.

Commercial Loans

For the best commercial or bridge loan to ensure you get the best loan terms and get enough capital to fulfill your business goals. Contact Us to start a loan application.

Agricultural Loans

Get access to top-end financial Agric tools to help your business grow. Entrepreneurs are being funded to grow their agribusiness.

Unsecured Term Loans

Repay loans at your own convenience with a flexible payment plan. Cashflow support. Unsecured Term Loans 3 to 15 years (Start Ups & Existing Businesses).

Start-Ups Loans

For the best Rates to get enough capital and fulfill your business goals. Contact Us to start a loan application for your Start-Up company. We guild you through the process accordingly.

Rent and Utility loans

We want to help you, and with that in mind, we’ve created a loan that can immediately get you of a tight situation and back on a steady path.

Broker Services

Become an Approved Colvin Financial Broker and get rewarded on every deal funded. You Refer, We fund and you Earn a commission.

Our Mission: Fast, Friendly, and Reliable

At Colvin Financial, we strive to provide best-in-class alternative financing solutions for all Kinds of Private Lending. Our goal is to not only produce above-market returns, but also deliver safety and security features not found in traditional investments.

All of our loans are funded through private capital — our own plus private Invested Edge Funds.

Our Story

In 2009, we identified a need in underserved capital markets left behind in the wake of the financial crisis. Since then, we have grown quickly by serving the expanding market of borrowers who are unable to secure conventional financing, and by specializing in short and long term fast-funding situations. Today, Colvin Capital is one of the most respected and fastest-growing companies in the private capital market space, and has established itself as the market leader for private consumer loans. Our team of experienced professionals has built and earned a reputation for transparency, speed, and reliability.

Why We're a Preferred Lender Option?





Become a BROKER

Securing Investments for Your Clients and Get Paid!​


We pay generous commissions for loan submissions. We are a unique direct lender and we close loans quickly and without the red-tape! When your client needs money yesterday or they have been turned down by every other company in town – we perform!


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