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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are a direct lender, which simply means that the money we fund our loans with is our own and is readily available. Some lenders have to raise money to fund their loans or have to go out and find a direct lender to fund their loans because they don’t have the money to fund the loans themselves.

A low credit score can make it almost impossible to secure a traditional bank loan but with a direct hard Private money loan from Colvin Financial your credit history won’t stand in your way.

YES. We charge a standard Loan Origination Fee (LOF) for all new clients. This is quoted at the point of approval.

From Construction Loans, to Agriculture, Cannabis, Rentals, Machinery, Crypto, Start-ups, Machinery, Pay Order, Refinance, Hospitality, Oil and Gas, Mining, etc.

  1. Application
  2. Review & Processing
  3. Get Approved
  4. Closing
  1. Filled loaned application
  2. Executive business summary
  3. Business plans
  4. Incorporation documentation/certification
  5. Financial Projections for New projects (where applicable)
  6. Any other business documentation that will aid in our decision making process.